Rental Terms and Conditions


Rental Terms & Conditions

By reserving and renting this venue, the purchasing customer agrees to these stipulations and rules of conduct. All reservations require signature and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. These policies are in place to protect our clients.

1.) Payment & Credit Cards

Rental rates are $50/hour (minimum 2 hours) or $350 for full day rental.

All reservations require a minimum 50% deposit (50% of which is nonrefundable),

Payment via email-transfer.

Balance in full is due 1 week prior to event date.

Failure to make payment on time may surrender rental availability.

Bookings made within 1 week of rental date are subject to 100% deposit.

The Studio and Co reserves the right to gather credit card to process payment for;

missing items, damaged items, cleaning fees, and cancellations made outside of conditional terms.

2.) Cancellations

All venue bookings require a minimum 1 week cancellation notice, in which case the

client would receive 50% of their deposit back.

If client is rescheduling for an alternate date before the 7 day cancellation period, their

entire deposit may be transferred to the new booking.

3.) Damages

Clients are 100% responsible for all damage occurring during their rental period.

No nails, screws or fixtures are to be attached to any walls, ceilings or floors.

If rental items/furniture or building are found damaged, an invoice will be sent via

email and a courtesy call will be made prior to charging the credit card on file.

33139 N. Railway Ave., Mission BC


The Studio and Co reserves full right to charge the credit card on file (without notice) for

replacement or repair of items.

4.) Missing Items

Missing items are subject to replacement costs.

The Studio and Co reserves the right to charge the credit card on file for missing items.

In the event of missing items, an invoice will be sent via email and a courtesy call will be made prior to charging the credit card on file.

5.) Cleaning

Please leave venue in a reasonably tidy state at the end of rental period.

Please note their is no sink or running water in The Studio. To access bathrooms with sink and water for cleaning, use back door and bathrooms are across the common hallway in the main building (shared with other business tenants.)

Clients may choose to wash the dirty dishes themselves or pay up to $15 dishwashing fee. If you choose to wash yourself, dish soap is stored in white dresser and may be washed in adjacent bathroom sink.

All other items are subject to cleaning and maintenance fees if left in dirty or broken condition.

The event must officially end at previously specified time. Any overtime for tear down is billed at $50/hour.

6.) Conduct

Clients must not use the premises for illegal purposes or in any manner that could tarnish the reputation of The Studio and Co.

Candles must be kept in a safe, heat

7.) Catering, Alcohol and Vendors

If alcohol is being served at the event the client is responsible for acquiring a liquor license.

Alcohol may not be served to minors.

The Studio and Co reserves the right to end alcohol service and/or the event at any time for any reason, if our staff feels that behavior and/or alcohol consumption is getting out of control or dangerous.

There is no sink or water located in The Studio and Co. Water and sinks may be accessed in restroom across common hall.

8.) Parking

Ample free parking is available on street outside The Studio and Co.

9.) Liabilities

The Studio and Co will not be liable for any loss, expenses, penalties, damages, costs or personal injuries, including death, suffered by anyone during rental period or on venue premises.