About Jaydene

Jaydene: The Birth Photographer

I discovered my passion for photographing women in labour when I became a doula in 2009 and started taking photos of my clients after their babies were born. One client asked me to take photos throughout her labour, and after I left her birth I went home and sat on my bed downloading the pictures and crying my eyes out after realizing I was able to capture one of the most beautiful events in the world.

Birth is a journey that can take many paths. Some paths may be planned, some may take unwanted turns. The journey can include laughter, tears, frustration, joy, hard work, bonding, boredom and relief. During labour, a woman pushes herself further than she ever thought possible and gets the biggest reward of her life! I am behind a lens so that those involved in the birth and supporting the mother can focus on being involved in the birth.  I am always honoured to photograph every birth and in return I strive to be invisible and try to honour the beauty of the woman and the process by capturing the emotions and joy of the occasion.

Jaydene: The Doula

I became a certified doula with Doula’s Of North America in 2011. As a doula, I strive to support women and their partners in their journey to birth and beyond. I want people to feel comfortable with the idea of labour and delivery and want them to feel comfortable during labour and delivery. Even when I’m not hired as a doula, I take my gentle doula persona to every birth and make sure I give mom’s the space they need to labour well.

Jaydene: The Mother

I am a busy mother of 2. If i’m not running off to a birth, or¬†editing photos into the late night hours, I’m searching for snails in my backyard, washing cloth diapers, cleaning up play dough, or in my kitchen making snacks, cleaning up snacks or putting away snacks. I love to be busy!